Surrounding attractions - links

Wambierzyce - The basilica of the Holly Mary the Queen of Families, clockwork nativity scene, the Way of the Cross - Calvary of Wambierzyce, mini-zoo and open air museum

Czarna Gora (Sienna) - Winter sports centre - chair-lifts

Chocieszow - Trout fishery, horse riding, chaise, sledging cavalcades

Bystrzyca Klodzka - The Museum of Matches - a collection of matchboxes and lighters

Miedzygorze - The Wilczki waterfall, the Garden of Fairytales, the mountain Igliczna

Kletno - The Bear Cave, hiking routes on the massif of Snieznik

Gory Sowie - The complex of Osowka - underground fortifications, Wielka Sowa - the highest top of the mountains with a vantage tower

Adrspach (Czech Republic) - The Rock Town


Surrounding attractions - links.

Klodzko - The Fort of Klodzko - surface and underground tourist routes, the bridge on the Mlynowka river, the Museum of the Klodzko Region

Szczytna - The castle on the top of Szczytnik with a point of vantage, the crystal glass factory - cutting workshop, the Piekielna Gora mountain

Duszniki Zdroj - The Spa Park - mineral water well-room, coloured fountain, Chopin's Mansion, the Papermaking Museum, horse-riding, sledging cavalcades.

Zieleniec - Winter sports centre.

Kudowa Zdroj - The Spa Park - mineral water well-room, the Skulls Chapel, the route of disappearing crafts, the Toys Museum, Aqua Park.

Kudowa-Radkow - "the hundred turns road", the National Park with the mountains Szczeliniec Wielki and Bledne Skaly, Radkow - artificial lake, Batorow - Rock Mushrooms